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Officer of the Month


***August Officer of the Month***

Officer Dao

On June 20, Officer Dao conducted a car stop of a vehicle at Irvine and Yorba after he followed the vehicle from King Liquor, where he believed he witnessed the car involved in a hand-to-hand drug deal. The driver immediately informed Officer Dao he might have a warrant. Officer Dao determined the driver did have a warrant for his arrest. The passenger initially gave a fake name, but Officer Dao’s investigation determined his identity as a probationer.


A search of the car revealed a zipper bag containing a variety of narcotics, and cash. Both subjects denied ownership of the drugs. Officer Dao seized various quantities of crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, suboxone, and prescription pills, as well as a large amount of cash.


The driver was arrested for the warrant, and transportation/sale of illegal narcotics. The passenger was arrested for lying about his name, drug sales, and a probation violation. Both were booked into Orange County Jail.


The following day, Officer Dao received an email from an FBI Special Agent thanking him for the arrest of the driver. The agent had been investigating him for a 2 million dollar real estate scam, and was having difficulty tracking him down. The FBI agent obtained a federal indictment and arrest warrant for the suspect, thereby preventing his release from custody.


Officer Dao’s keen observation skills lead to the arrest of two drug dealers (one who was also wanted by the FBI), which kept a large amount of illegal drugs off the streets and made the City of Tustin a safer community. For Officer Dao’s observation skills, tenacity, and intuitive police work, he has been selected as the recipient of the August Officer of the Month award. Congratulations Officer Dao!