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- Alarm Permits -

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Effective November 1, 2005 , the City of Tustin is initiating a false alarm reduction program. As part of this program, every residence and business within the City of Tustin possessing an alarm system MUST have a City of Tustin Alarm Permit issued by the police department.

By Ordinance No. 1302 of Tustin City Council, the fee for alarm permits has been established as follows:

                                  Commercial (Annually) $25.00
                                  Residential   (Annually) $10.00


Facts You Should Know About the City of Tustin Alarm Ordinance:

  • All owners of alarm systems installed and operating prior to the adoption of this ordinance shall have ninety (90) days to obtain an alarm permit.
  • All audible alarm systems shall include a device that will limit the generation of the audible sound to no longer than fifteen (15) minutes for a residence and thirty (30) minutes for a commercial structure.
  • No alarm system shall be installed which causes an alarm or signal to be sent directly to the Police Department.
  • No person shall use any alarm system programmed so that it will, upon activation, call and deliver a recorded message to any telephone number assigned to the City.
  • A burglary or robbery panic button shall only be activated when there is an immediate threat to life or property. It shall be unlawful to activate such panic button to merely summon the Police, or in lieu of dialing 911.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the alarm business to instruct the alarm user in the proper use and operation of the alarm system.
  • No person shall install an alarm system without first having obtained an alarm user permit.
  • No person shall engage in, conduct, or carry on an alarm business without first, 1.) Obtaining a City business license; 2.) Applying for and receiving a state alarm company operator license and; 3.) Filing a copy of such license with the City.
  • Alarm user permits are issued for a one (1) calendar year period from January 1 to December 31, or from the date after January 1 that the application is submitted and approved to December 31 of the same year.
  • A.) A permitted alarm user may become liable to the City for the costs of the Police Department responding to an excessive false alarm emitted by his or her alarm system. Fees will be assessed for every false burglary alarm occurring after three (3) false alarms have been received within any consecutive 365 day period.

B.) A false robbery alarm (“211 Alarm”) response fee shall be paid to the City for every manually activated false robbery alarm call.

C.) Any burglary alarm which causes more than ten (10) false alarms, or any manually activated robbery alarm which causes more than four (4) false alarms, may be declared a public nuisance, and will be subject to revocation of permit and the Police Department will no longer be required to respond to alarms at said address once the Police Department has sent a letter, return receipt requested, to the owner or occupant of the subject premises advising of the cessation of such service.

D.) A response to a non-permitted burglary or robbery alarm, whether false or valid, shall result in the assessment of a non-permitted alarm fee.

Note: A City of Tustin Business License is required for alarm installation companies as well as for the commercial entity for which the installation is being made. Please contact Business Licensing at (714) 573-3144 prior to installation.
For more information please download the complete Alarm Permit Information Sheet up at the top of this page.

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